The Trion Nemesis Trials (Asphalt 9: Legends)

Written by thegaminggeek

February 3, 2021

I’ve played Asphalt 9: Legends on the Nintendo Switch for a total of 265 hours now. However, I have yet to get a decent Rank S car. Not because there aren’t any available, I just didn’t have good enough cars to compete in those events. That is, until recently. Yes, my current Asphalt 9 “quest” is to finally own a Trion Nemesis and a good Rank S car that’ll help me in high level races.

Trion Nemesis - Asphalt 9

I would like to have this bad boy – the Trion Nemesis – in my Asphalt 9 garage soon.

Limited Options

If you’re wondering why it took me so long, the first problem is the car choices are limited between four specific cars. Three of these cars, while obtainable for free, will require daily grinding. And the events wherein those cars are available also require specific cars. So I already have the Rezvani Beast X (Rank C), the Cadillac Cien Concept (Rank B), and the VLF Force 1 V10 (Rank A). However, I’ve only managed to get the Rezvani and the VLF Force up to three stars.

Trion Nemesis event car selection

You can only choose from these cars in the Trion Nemesis event.

I think I made the right choice when I decided to invest my time in getting the VLF Force 1 V10 upgraded because to be able to get Trion Nemesis cards, you need to win the race. Some events only need you to participate in the race, which is another reason why it took me so long. The VLF Force 1 V10 is an awesome Rank A car, and I’ve been winning these races since getting this car leveled up to almost 3,000.

VLF Force 1 V10

The VLF Force 1 has become my go-to Rank A car.

Mind you, I am not winning these races easily. But my VLF Force 1 is not fully upgraded yet. With a few more upgrades, I should be able to win these Trion Nemesis races easily and more often.

Take Advantage of These Special Events!

I really think that the key to enjoying Asphalt 9: Legends lies in choosing the right events and races to do. I’ve been ignoring the Trion Nemesis event in the past because I simply did not have fast enough cars.

The Trion Nemesis event

The Trion Nemesis event runs four days every week. This should give me ample time to unlock that car.

Hopefully, Gameloft will keep the Trion Nemesis races as an ongoing bi-weekly event. It’s going to take time and grinding, but for as long as I am progressing constantly towards unlocking this car, I’m all for it.


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