Marvel Snap – My August 2023 Infinite Deck – WongReveal

Written by thegaminggeek

February 13, 2024

I started playing this little mobile game called Marvel Snap since March 2023 (the Days of Future Past season) and I’ve been quite hooked since! I hit Infinite Rank by my fourth season. I’ve hit Infinite rank multiple times since then, each one with a different deck. Since Marvel Snap is a live service game that is undergoing continuous development, the competition continues to evolve. New cards get introduced in the game, and existing cards can sometimes be changed for better or for worse. As time goes by, these old decks may see significant changes. I’ve decided to write about these decks since I’m a sentimental guy and I want to capture these moments. Now we’ll be taking about a deck I call WongReveal that took me to Infinite on a day that Kamar-Taj was a hot location!


The card back reward for getting to Infinite this season.


Deck Details

Infinite Deck Name: WongReveal

Season Used: Big in Japan (August 2023)

infinite deck - wongreveal


Card List: Echo, Rocket Raccoon, Storm, Shuri, Wong, Taskmaster, White Tiger, Black Panther, Arnim Zola, Doctor Doom, Odin, America Chavez

Win Condition: Win two lanes with Wong/Black Panther/Arnim Zola or Wong/White Tiger/Odin.

How it Works: Play Wong on Turn 4 then either fill locations up with Tiger Spirits or boost Black Panther, then clone him with Arnim Zola. Shuri, Taskmaster, and Doctor Doom provide alternate win conditions.

Card Roles: 

  1. Echo – Counter for Cosmo or Armor.
  2. Rocket Raccoon – Deck filler.
  3. Storm – Locks a location to your opponent.
  4. Shuri – Back up for Wong. Sets up the Black Panther/Taskmaster play line.
  5. Wong – Sets up your win condition.
  6. Taskmaster – Alternate win condition. Possible play after Black Panter
  7. White Tiger – Play after Wong to create two Tiger Spirits
  8. Black Panther – Play after Wong.
  9. Arnim Zola – Best played in Wong/Black Panther location.
  10. Doctor Doom – Alternate win condition. Play in Wong lane.
  11. Odin – Play after White Tiger for more Tiger Spirits.
  12. America Chavez – For deck thinning.


Deck Strategies

Wong-stoppable: Wong’s ability to trigger OnReveal abilities twice is a powerful ability that is also easily countered by Cosmo, Enchantress, Rogue, and even move cards like Aero and Magneto. His counters can really be common which holds Wong decks back from being top meta. The Kamar-Taj location serves as a redundancy and decoy for Wong. Opponents would play Cosmo on Kamar-Taj, letting you play Wong elsewhere. Or it can function as Wong does in case you don’t draw Wong in time for Turn 4. Regardless, this deck will rely on you being able to have Wong or Kamar-Taj in play by Turn 4.


WongReveal - wong

Wong is this deck’s centerpiece.


Panthers and Tigers: With Wong or Kamar-Taj in play, the WongReveal deck has two powerful win conditions. The White Tiger/Odin path fills up two locations with Tiger Spirits while still putting decent power in the Wong location thanks to Odin. The Black Panther / Arnim Zola path gives you two humongous Black Panthers in two different locations.


WongReveal - Tiger Odin

Wong, White Tiger, and Odin will flood two locations with Tiger Spirits.


Both win conditions are effective, and a good draw will allow you to pick one depending on what your opponent is playing. Personally, I prefer the Tiger/Odin path since it leaves decent power on the Wong location and can’t be countered by Armor.


WongReveal - Panther Zola

Playing Panther and Zola will result in more power, but is easier to counter.



Alternate Win Conditions: If you don’t draw either of the Tiger/Odin and Panther/Zola combos, you can still pull off a victory. You can do Shuri/Wong > Black Panther > Taskmaster for decent power in two locations (more if you played Shuri/Wong and Panther on Kamar-Taj). Playing Doctor Doom on Wong will flood the other two locations with Doombots.


WongReveal - Taskmaster Doom

Taskmaster and Doctor Doom can still win you the match if you don’t draw your combo.


Tech Cards: Rather than counters for other decks, the tech cards I included attempt to ensure that you can pull your combo off. Storm is straightforward – she secures a location for your Tigers and Panther later on. Echo is strictly Cosmo and Armor tech. Playing Echo on Kamar-Taj ensures that you can pull off double OnReveals there later.


WongReveal - Echo and Storm

Echo and Storm will help your combo succeed.


Deck Evolution

What’s Changed in This Deck? America Chavez was completely reworked. Before, she helped you get your needed cards before Turn 6. Her new ability is increasing your top card’s Power by 2, which is not useful in this WongReveal deck. Better replace her with Crystal for the extra card draw.

What’s Changed in the Meta? As I mentioned at the start, this WongReveal deck worked because Kamar-Taj was a hot location. There are too many counters against Wong for this deck so I wouldn’t recommend this for climbing on a normal day. But if Kamar-Taj is a hot location again, I’m likely to try a similar deck again.



Taking advantage of hot locations is a known and valid strategy in Marvel Snap. Kamar-Taj is a location that definitely benefits Wong strategies. And you can use Echo to make your opponent’s Cosmo useless. So if you see Kamar-Taj as the hot location and you’re still climbing to Infinite, try this deck out.


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