KETO Hacks – “Sad” Coffee and “Guhit” Juice

Written by thegaminggeek

July 16, 2021

If you’re on keto or intermittent fasting, something we can both relate to is the “hangry” feeling (hungry + angry) and the intense craving for sugar/carbs. There’s a lot of craving substitute that my wife has up her sleeve to keep us from giving into violating our diet. Let me share one of these keto hacks – two drinks that help us fill up ‘the gap’.


Keto Hacks – “Sad” Coffee

First is what we refer to as  “sad” coffee. This is basically brewed coffee and creamer. We only call it sad coffee since there’s no sugar in it. Instant 3-in-1 coffees are banned in our household and from our grocery list too, because these have so much sugar. We use Folgers or Nescafe Gold for our coffee and Coffeemate as our creamer. This is not a preference, but rather the available ingredients accessible in our area. If you have other options in your area, you may use them too.


Keto Hacks - Sad Coffee

There’s no sugar in our “sad” coffee.


The trick in making your coffee as close to keto coffee as possible is to avoid components that contain sugar and other sugar substitutes. We also bought a coffee dripper, and the recent Folgers coffee my wife bought seemed bottomless! We bought it in March and three months past but we’re still not halfway through it. And since our coffee is now made at home, we are saving a lot compared to buying coffee in popular coffee shops.

If you’re interested in these coffee drippers, you can purchase the ones that we bought from this link.

We can also make and drink as much as we can and we do! Drinking a cup or two of sad coffee makes us not as hungry and extends our eating window. In terms of the taste, for me, I needed a day or two to get adjusted with it. But once I got acclimatized to it, I started appreciating it. The taste and aroma is comparable to good coffees from popular brands and fad shops. We also really like the brewed coffee smell that compliments the cool morning breeze. My wife’s work starts at 6am so I make sure to brew her coffee before her shift starts.


Keto Hacks – “Guhit” Juice

Now let me share the sadder drink, “guhit” juice. This one mimics the bubbly feeling you get down your throat when drinking sodas. Only that instead of a bubbly and nice feeling, you will feel a burning sensation when drinking this, hence the name “guhit” juice. Sometimes, I joke to my wife asking her if she thinks I’m a demon and the juice is holy water. You will really be able to trace where the “guhit” juice goes, either to the left of your tummy or to the right.


Brewed Ginger

“Guhit” is Filipino for draw.


Kidding aside, to quench my soda cravings, my wife substitutes soda with guhit juice. This is basically fresh ginger brewed tea or “salabat“. To prepare this juice, she uses one whole ginger and cuts it into small pieces to extract the juice better while brewing. She adds 3 cups of water and lets it simmer (not boil) for 5-10 minutes. She then transfers the juice into our glass container and lets it cool. Once cool enough, she will then refrigerate.


keto hacks - guhit juice

Instead of lemon juice, my wife adds ginger water to Yakult.

After each meal, she will fill our mugs halfway through with guhit juice and adds two Yakult. Sometimes, she sprinkles pepper and turmeric powder which makes the guhit effect stronger! Thankfully, we only drink this after each meal during weekends.

Final Thoughts

Drinking coffee and fresh ginger tea have a wide range of benefits being source of high levels of antioxidants. But let’s add into it the cost efficiency of having them prepared at home. We used to spend 200-300 pesos per day in coffee or milk tea or around 100 pesos for sodas and fruit juices. But now that we are cutting down on sugar and carbohydrate intake, we are substituting them with something healthier. The taste requires getting used to but once you do, you will begin to appreciate it. And being on keto diet or not, saving a hundred or two from making your coffee and tea at home is something that’s really worth a try!


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